How To Know Whether To Have Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Wisdom teeth are late-stage molars. When they emerge from the gums and squeeze by your existing teeth, in a process known as impaction, they may cause a lot of pain. Impacted wisdom teeth can sometimes cause jaw alignment issues, sinus issues, recurrent cavities, and cysts.

Some individuals are lucky enough to avoid such wisdom tooth symptoms and discomforts. For these fortunate individuals, the issue is whether wisdom tooth removal is worthwhile. This article discusses wisdom teeth and when they may need to be removed.

When wisdom teeth need not be removed

Contrary to common opinion, wisdom tooth extraction is not always required. This third set of molars usually appears between the ages of adolescence and early adulthood. The baby teeth will have fallen out by then, and the adult set will have erupted. For most individuals, this also implies there is not enough space for any more teeth to erupt, which is why the emergence of wisdom teeth might cause issues.

There are certain situations in which wisdom teeth do not need to be removed, such as when they are in good condition and have emerged fully, correctly positioned, and aligned correctly with the opposite teeth. The teeth should also be reachable when brushing or flossing.

When to undergo wisdom tooth removal

Wisdom teeth frequently do not have enough room to develop. However, since they must erupt, they may develop from odd angles in the jaw, sometimes horizontally.

Damage to surrounding teeth

Since permanent teeth are already in place, the emergence of an additional set of molars may cause them to move. This results in discomfort, bite issues, and overcrowding, making brushing and flossing difficult, and ultimately leading to cavities or tooth decay.

Pain and sensitivity

Many people are unaware that their wisdom teeth are impacted until they begin to feel discomfort. However, it typically starts in a way that is almost unnoticeable. Any toothache, discomfort, or mild throbbing sensations should not be ignored. If the pain occurs while eating or cleaning, the wisdom teeth have most likely erupted. Soon, the teeth will start growing at an angle to the rest of the teeth, causing problems with the jaws or crowding neighboring teeth.

A fractured jaw

Stiffness or discomfort appears first, followed by damage to the jawbone, which affects the mouth's function and mobility. Some wisdom teeth become impacted in the jaw, causing other teeth to move and even the jawline to shift. This may make it difficult for patients to open their mouths. When left untreated, cysts may develop along the freshly erupted molars, hollowing down the jawbone and causing damage to the nerves of nearby, healthy teeth.

Are you having issues with your wisdom teeth?

A dentist will suggest wisdom tooth removal based on the condition of the oral cavity and other teeth and perform an x-ray to check their location and development. Wisdom tooth extraction is particularly beneficial while these molars are still healthy in early adulthood since jawbones grow stiffer with age and teeth become more difficult to remove.

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