Can I Drink Water After Getting a Dental Filling?

People sometimes find themselves wondering if it is okay to drink water after getting a dental filling. First, it must be understood that fillings are unique for each tooth and the level of tooth material that has already been worn away. As such, it is up to the dentist who installs the fillings to educate the patient on when it is okay to eat and drink.

Why the type of dental filling matters

The type of filling used affects when it is okay for the patient to get back to eating like they normally would. White composite resin fillings harden faster than the silver amalgam variety.

Silver fillings can take up to 24 hours before being completely hardened. Someone who gets this type of fillings would normally have to avoid all foods for at least for an hour and hard foods for a day.

Those who receive silver fillings will have to wait 24 hours for the fillings to reach the appropriate level of hardness. Dentists generally advise patients not to eat or drink anything for the first hour after the filling is placed. A full 24 hours need to pass before the person attempts to eat hard foods.

People who opt for composite fillings are often cleared to eat whatever they want right after the procedure.

Is drinking water okay?

As mentioned, it takes about 24 hours for silver amalgam fillings to harden. That is quite a while to go without drinking any water, so those who get silver amalgam fillings are often advised to wait as long as they can before drinking water. When they do have a drink, they should avoid making contact with the tooth that has been repaired with filling.

Since composite fillings typically harden during the appointment, those who get them are free to drink as much water as they like.

Avoid eating until the anesthetic wears off

Anesthetics are typically used when fillings are applied to teeth. These drugs can take hours to wear off and affect the person's ability to control the muscles around the area. Dentists recommend avoiding food while under the effects of an anesthetic. It is easy to bite into the cheeks, lip or tongue when the muscles around the area have been numbed.

When the patient eventually gets back to eating and drinking, there should not be any sensitivity to water when the filling has had time to harden.

Fillings stop tooth decay in its tracks

Fillings are an effective defense against tooth decay, and there is no recovery period if you opt for composite fillings. If you go with a traditional silver amalgam dental filling, be ready to avoid foods and drinks for a few hours after the procedure. After that, it is important that you take care of your new filling just as you would take care of your teeth normally. Drop by our Los Gatos office if you need to restore a tooth with fillings or have any questions about post-op care.

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